Why Choose Us

Madinah Arabic Translation Centre – A World Class Specialist in Arabic Translation

  • Arabic to English / English to Arabic is all we do – nothing else!

We don’t have hundreds of language combinations.  We decided that we would focus on the two most in-demand language combinations of Arabic to English and English to Arabic in all our services.  

This enables us to offer a far higher level of quality in Arabic/English translations than other translation centres that focus more on outsourcing to a database of translators rather than developing a ‘world-class’ team in their language translation services.   We don’t outsource translation – it is done by our team who are committed to our centre and clients and are native Arabic speakers with enormous experience.

We can scale to handle enormous Arabic translation projects as we have hundreds of pooled translators that have already been vetted.  We don’t believe there is a project that can ever be too large for our centre.  Our core team is generally sufficient however to handle even the largest projects.

  • Experience with FTSE 100 Companies / Multiple Industry Experience:

Our team have experience working for some of the top companies in the world across multiple industries / sectors including legal, medical, commercial, technical and more.   The fact that the world’s most prestigious organisations trust our translators should give you the confidence to vest your trust in our centre. 

  • Industry Leading Translation Software:

We have invested heavily in the Industry Leading Translation Software that allows world-class project lifecycle management, collaboration and document conversion capabilities.   This also enables exceptional accuracy and consistency in your translations with a combination of translation memory (in-house) and termbase functionality. 

This is essential in large team, multiple document projects and once again included within the price of all our quotations.  This is not the same as machine translation – all our translations are done via human translation.

  • Dedicated Project Manager for every Project:

Every project has a dedicated project manager whom you can direct any enquiries to and who will take responsibility to update the project progress on a daily basis.  This is included in all projects within the price quoted.  Even in the largest projects, the project manager takes full responsibility to identify any critical path tasks that are jeapordising the potential delivery of the project and to manage our team of translators and proofreaders.  Any issues are escalated both with in our own management team and to your assigned staff.

The project manager is also responsible for helping to breakdown the project into phases, tasks and subtasks and assigning resources and timelines for each of these.

  • Web based Project Management System (Client Full Access):

We have our own unique web-based management system that you and your team will have access to.   Project management is central to our service offering to give your organisation peace of mind that you aren’t just hiring a translator but a professional team.  This includes:

  • File Management – you can upload and view files related to your projects and submit progress reports at any time.
  • Project Management – See an uptodate Gannt chart (broken down to task level) to see where your project is against the deadline in detail.
  • Task Management – see details for projects, phases, tasks and subtasks including assigned resources.  You have full visibility of what is happening in the project including the critical path tasks.  This is updated daily by your assigned project manager.
  • Security control – you can control which individuals in your organisation should have access to specific projects.  This is particularly suited to larger organisations / teams on the client side or where we are managing multiple projects for different teams at the same client.
  • Payment – easily make payment via the online payment modules or via alternative methods if preferred.
  • History – see full history of all projects, payments and statuses.  This enables us to offer a free post project evaluation service where we can rectify any issues that have been identified.   Transparency is second nature to all our services.