Voice Over


We provide voice-over dubbing for a range of business needs.    Prior to providing you a quotation, we will give you a free assessment and quotation based on several factors.  For example, we will provide a range of voice talent samples and agree which talent has the required voice for the specific project.   

We will understand the required quality and file format that you are seeking – whether a studio is required, potential mixing / audio editing that is required among other factors.  We will typically itemise those costs – e.g. studio costs – that are not part of our service to give full transparency to the client.  We will separately itemise the cost of the voice-over work based on the total number of hours of work (this varies on the selected talent) including travel time if required.

We have our own digital recording equipment where recording studio quality is not required, this enables us to record DVD quality recording.  We also have special arrangements with studios for any video / audio based work that is required with specialist audio technicians available.

A project manager is included in the price.  You will also have full access to our web-based project management system to see the status of all aspects of the project down to task level detail (updated daily by the project manager).