Madinah Arabic Translation Centre offers an efficient and high quality transcription service.    Our transcribers will follow the instructions provided by the client – i.e. verbatim (word for word) or standard (adjusted for comprehension / professionalism) transcription.  

We will also structure the transcription in the format and layout required by the client to be intelligible.  This includes, for example, identifying the speaker (where multiple speakers in the recording), highlighting any key words or using symbols where required, annotating specific portions of the transcription of importance and adding timestamps where required.

We accept recordings in DVD, CD, cassette or any digital format (mp3, WAV etc).  We recommend that any items are sent to us via recorded delivery where necessary to ensure we receive them or if you are sending digital file formats – we will provide a location and method for you to upload these files via ftp.

We will return the translated files in the required format by email, ftp and / or postage if required (DVD / CD) at the cost of the client.

We will take into consideration factors such as how audible the recording quality is (e.g background noise and voice clarity) and the number of speakers in providing the final quotation.  In addition, we will consider the rate at which the speakers are speaking and the ‘overlap’ of voices that might increase the transcription time.  Despite these factors, we offer a very competitive pricing but also ensure that our price is final and not revised after commencing the project by doing the checks above.

A project manager is included in the price.  You will also have full access to our web-based project management system to see the status of all aspects of the project down to task level detail (updated daily by the project manager).