We are very experienced in website and software localisation having a specialisation in right-to-left / Arabic support.   Our team have even developed pioneering custom software to render Arabic in Flash.  We have developed websites / software in Arabic including client-side and server-side programming.

We believe we are one of the leaders in dealing with Arabic in the sphere of websites / software / programming / technology and we can handle any form of request in this area.

Our experience in software project management ensures that every project goes through an internal cycle of UAT (User Acceptance Testing) prior to being submitted to your organisation / team for review.   We document the translation of all the functionality of the website / software.  

We believe our in-house programmers differentiate us hugely from most other translation centres – we don’t just specialise in the Arabic language but have extensive experience in the skills and methods of software / website development having developed sophisticated Arabic based applications and dynamic websites through the full project lifecycle with our own programmers.   

We can also deconstruct the text of all functionality of an application / website by using usecase methodology to ensure that we have an effective documentation layout agreed prior to completing the translation work and we can confidently work with the client development teams / programmers to ensure an optimal solution is delivered.  We can also work on implementing changes directly if we are provided the source code of the website / software with necessary documentation / handover.